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BobbersWorld goes LIVE!

Posted: 21 May 2009, 19:14
by matrix211v1
BobbersWorld, just went out. It's a children MMO using Unity3D and SmartFoxServer.

Let me know if you want some free accounts!


Posted: 24 May 2009, 19:50
by ThomasLund
Wow - 2 mmos out at almost the same time. Damn nice!!

I have 2 kids age 8 - I'm sure they would die for a free account :-D


Posted: 18 Jun 2009, 08:37
by mugambs

My nephews would love a couple of free accounts to play with if you can spare any?


Bobber's World

Posted: 03 Dec 2009, 16:54
by mjsls
I just learned of this site...I was wondering if you still have any free memberships available....I need 2 if possible. Thank you in adcance