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Crash when apostrophe typed ( - FIX PROVIDED

Posted: 28 Apr 2009, 16:23
by ckhoo6373
Hi, all.

I've found crashes related to chat string that have proper URL encoding such as the apostrophe. I've tracked the problem down to the fact that the Entities constructor isn't being called (util/entities.cs) and therefore not populating the translation hash tables.

My fix was to add the following line into the file in order to initialize the tables.

private static Entities entitiesInitializer = new Entities();



Posted: 28 Apr 2009, 18:50
by ThomasLund
Hi Chris

I've just packaged up version 1.2.0 for release "soon". Could I send you the dll and/or sources and haveyou test that to see if the bug is still present there?

Some parts of the entitiy code was changed, but I am not sure if it really fixes your issue (dont think it does)

PM me your email address and I'll ship it to you asap.



Posted: 29 Apr 2009, 07:11
by ThomasLund
Was a real bug, and fix will be included in the upcomming 1.2.0 release!

Thanks for reporting!!