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Client SDK: Regular vs iPhone

Posted: 06 May 2014, 21:36
by blindgoatia
We use multiple SFS Pro licenses for our web-based MMO and are developing a new mobile and web game in Unity. Since the backend for the two games will be similar, we are wanting to use SFS1 instead of SFS2 for the new game because the current game uses SFS1 (since we started development 5+ years ago).

I downloaded the latest SFS_CSharp_1.2.6 client from In the "API" directory, I see "iPhone-sources" and "sources" directories. I have diffed all the .cs files in the “iPhone-sources” and “sources” folders and they are all identical. Other than AssemblyInfo.cs directory in the "Properties" directory in "sources", I don’t see any real differences so I guess I’m confused why both versions are included in the API directory when they appear the same.

1) Are the different "sources" directories actually different and required for different environments? For example, I built to an iOS device and an Android device using the 03_SmartFoxTris example in the Examples directory (NOT in the iPhone-Examples directory) and they appear to run properly. They also run fine on a Windows PC and a Mac. The reverse also seems good; the iPhone examples run on my mobile devices and on my computers.

2) If there are differences between the "iPhone-sources" and "sources" version of the SDK, are they listed anywhere?


Re: Client SDK: Regular vs iPhone

Posted: 06 May 2014, 22:47
by blindgoatia
I got a response from Thomas, the original programmer on this and here's what he said:

Its been ages ago that it was written, so I cannot remember why. I *think* it was due to Unity at that point in time not being one program, but 2 different programs. And thus one needed to have 2 different Unity projects.

(I'm actually not part of the API development anymore. We simply dont have time anymore, so I think the SFS guys themselves took it on.

Sooo, has the client API been updated since Thomas and co. left? If so, why are there still two "source" folders? I just want to make sure we use the correct one if they are different.

Re: Client SDK: Regular vs iPhone

Posted: 09 May 2014, 08:05
by Lapo
At the time the API were developed there were two versions of the Unity Editor: one for webplayer and thick clients and the other for the iphone. Hence the two API versions.

Today Unity doesn't make this distinction anymore, so the regular API for the Unity Editor should work.
We're not actively developing these API anymore. The complete and most up to date support for Unity 4.x is provided in SmartFoxServer 2X.


Re: Client SDK: Regular vs iPhone

Posted: 09 May 2014, 16:55
by blindgoatia
Perfect. Thanks Lapo.