installing smartfox server

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installing smartfox server

Postby reaven99 » 25 Feb 2012, 23:17


Ive been searching for over 3 hours now and couldt find anything that worked..
so i thought my best shot was here.

I've used a unity3d mmo tutorial which uses smartfox pro, it all works perfectly.
i want it to run on the internet so i can test it with other people, but i have no idea how to install on my website.
i have the ftp from my website, i tried to just upload it like one tutorial showed but it didnt work.
and in the docs of smartfox they aint saying anything about this. :(

I hope someone here can help me out or point me in the right direction! :D

Any help is apreciated!

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Re: installing smartfox server

Postby rjgtav » 26 Feb 2012, 17:56

Hi. Just to confirm, what are you trying to install on your website? The example or the server?
If it is the server, I'm sorry but you can't install the server on a website. You have to either host it on your pc or install it on a VPS, like the EC instances Amazon offers.
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