Im having wierd problem with smartfox - Image inside

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Im having wierd problem with smartfox - Image inside

Postby purri » 31 Mar 2011, 22:43

Hello all!

I have used island demo scripts so far and those work. I didnt have any problem on past

But now after i used some lobby examples scripts , i succes to made working lobby chat/joinroom scene and i have allready tried connection. It works - 2 players can chat on lobby and join same game without problem.

Whats my problem then?

This :

1. I make game
2. My friend joins
3. I can see in my friend spawning
4. but if he moves , i cant see moving. he just stand there - also i can see he chat buble but he cant see my chat buble and he cant see my character / Moving


Why there is two remote_34 ? there is only localPlayer and 1 remotePlayer ingame.

Help me please, i have tried re check everthing but no luck so far

here is all scripts what im using:

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