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Posted: 01 Mar 2011, 15:09
by Fishypants
I am wondering if this needs to be called anytime we switch scenes or join different rooms, or only once upon login? Right now I have it only being called once upon login, but I don't see how that is good, especially if there are going to be dynamic rooms. Looking for some clarification on this, thanks!

P.S. - I am using a custom login, hence why I was calling it in the first place.

Posted: 01 Mar 2011, 18:32
by BigFIsh
Yes, you need it upon login and again after exiting a game room. The reason for this is because users inside a game room wouldn't get notified about new or delete rooms.

See "Room types and their life cycle" section via for more info.

Posted: 01 Mar 2011, 18:58
by Fishypants
Awesome, thanks BigFish. I think I owe you a beer for all the help you've been giving me :)