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Posted: 31 May 2011, 23:08
by jimbobway
jimbobway wrote:
lastowl wrote:In case your just interested, enough people asked for an updated anyway

Island Demo using SFS 1:
Change List:
Not much changed two lines of code are nulled not removed
Policy Fetch Added for web player builds
smart fox dll replaced as well

Coming Soon Island Demo using SFS 2
Will be rewrote for SFS 2 when i get the time off from work :)
Unless someone else does instead

I downloaded this zip file and ran it in Unity 3. The chat bubble opens and I can chat and it shows in single player. But, when I open a new game window and login with another username the chat messages don't appear to the other user. Also, I can't see the other user. Any ideas how I can get it to work in SmartFox 1.6?

Never mind. I got it to work. In the code I had to code it so it joined a room. (The download only had it in a Zone.) Thanks anyway.

Posted: 01 Jun 2011, 19:09
by lastowl
strange it did when i tested... more coming soon

EDIT 1: Things are are hold currently due to other commitments but i haven't forgotten :)