sendxt not working help

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sendxt not working help

Postby wadapav » 01 Nov 2018, 16:05

I am trying to send an extension message, which does not seem to be working :( I have verified that my connection to the smartfox server does indeed work, and I have tested the extension from director using Lingo, doing _server.sendXtMessage("extname", "func", obj, "str") and this is successful. When I attempt to do the equivalent from within the .Net framework, like this:
smc.SendXtMessage("extension", "func", args, SmartFoxClient.XTMSG_TYPE_STR) where args is a Hashtable, and smc is of type SmartFoxClient, it appears that the message does not get sent. GetConnectionMode() is socket, and smc.IsConnected() is True. I am stuck, any help on this would be much appreciated, thanks.
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Re: sendxt not working help

Postby Lapo » 02 Nov 2018, 08:40

just to understand are you working in Unity or standalone .Net?

In order to be able to send an Extension call you normally need to be connected and logged in the server.
Do you do these steps first?

Once you're logged in, if the Extension call doesn't seem to work check the server side logs for errors. It's likely there's a problem in the call and the server will give you a clue about it.

Let us know
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