Unable to connect: I/O Error

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Unable to connect: I/O Error

Postby poso » 18 Nov 2009, 14:16


I'm hitting the smartfox server using JMeter and a custom sampler that uses the Java API. The test scenario involves the following actions: connect, login, join room, move, logout and disconnect.
When I run this test with 500 virtual users I get 50% error on connect actions with the message "Unable to connect: I/O Error".
If I run with 200 virtual users I get no errors at all.

Is there a parameter configuration to set in order to be able to accept more connections from the server?


PS: This is my Config.xml:

Code: Select all


    SmartFoxServer PRO
    (c) 2004-2007 gotoAndPlay()

    Main Configuration file
    version 1.6.2

    You can find detailed informations on how to configure the server by reading
    the tutorials in section 2 of the documentation.
    ( http://www.smartfoxserver.com/docs/docPages/config/basics.htm )






        <!-- Server Variables limits (-1 = unlimited) -->

        <AntiFlood active="false">
            <MinMsgTime tolerance="5">1000</MinMsgTime>
            <WarningMessage><![CDATA[No flooding allowed!)]]></WarningMessage>
            <KickMessage><![CDATA[You've been warned! No flooding! Now you're kicked]]></KickMessage>
            <BanMessage><![CDATA[Stop Flooding!! You're being banned]]></BanMessage>
            <BanAfter timeSpan="1">3</BanAfter>

        <BadWordsFilter active="false">
            <FilterMode>filter</FilterMode> <!-- REMOVE or FILTER -->
            <WarningMessage><![CDATA[No swearing!)]]></WarningMessage>
            <KickMessage><![CDATA[You've been warned! No Swearing! Now you're kicked]]></KickMessage>
            <BanMessage><![CDATA[Stop Swearing! You're being banned!]]></BanMessage>
            <BanAfter timeSpan="1">3</BanAfter>


        <BanDuration>1800</BanDuration> <!-- 30 min -->
        <BannedLoginMessage>You have been banned!</BannedLoginMessage>


            New since 1.6.0
            Set the client queue size and the max. allowed dropped packets



            Available options are:



        <!-- Adminisitrator login -->

        <!-- Allowed administrator IP addresses -->

        <!-- Allow remote debugging of extensions -->

            Allow global autoreload of extensions upon file save
            You should specify in each Zone if the autoreload is enabled.




        <!-- Enable / Disable remote zone info -->

        <!--  raw custom protocol separator -->


        Zones Configuration.
        <Zone name="RealmManagerZone" uCountUpdate="true" buddyList="10" maxUsers="10" customLogin="false">
                <extension name="RealmManagerExtension" className="com.trilogy.extension.config.RealmManagerExtension" type="java"/>
            <Moderators status="on">
                <Mod name="modName" pwd="modPass" />

   <WebServiceConfig userId="2" password="smartfox" url="http://localhost:8080/webservices-1.0-SNAPSHOT"/>
   <ServerInstance nameId="localhost"/>

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Postby Lapo » 18 Nov 2009, 20:43

It is likely that you are running out of file descriptors if you are using Linux/Unix. You will need to configure your system to allow many more files/sockets to handle a stress test.

All the details are found here:
http://www.smartfoxserver.com/docs/docP ... /linux.htm
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Postby poso » 19 Nov 2009, 21:05

Thanks Lapo! The test is running ok now.

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