SetMyAvatarSkin Problem changing rooms

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SetMyAvatarSkin Problem changing rooms

Postby » 11 Dec 2010, 22:50

Okay so I made a customization system for my game.

I can now configure the avatar skin appropriately with


So for two days I never understood why other users could not see my skin changes only to realize that the Openspace trial version had a restriction and would prevent others from seeing these changes (Duh!)

Now I had a second problem which I believe stems from that same restriction. I just want to make sure it is the case.

Once I have set my skin, I proceed to leave this room and once I arrive in the next one, the skin set previously "doesn´t stick with me", and the initial skin is once again present.

Does this also have to do with the Openspace trial restriction?

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Postby Bax » 13 Dec 2010, 07:35

Each time you load a map you have to recreate the avatar passing the initial skin.
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Yes I am aware this...

Postby » 13 Dec 2010, 14:08

I am aware that everytime you go to a new room the avatar is created using the initial skin...

// Set my skin, if not already set
var initialSkin:Object = null

var myUser:User = smartFox.getActiveRoom().getUser(smartFox.myUserId)
var skinVar:String = myUser.getVariable("_os_skin")

if (skinVar == null)

initialSkin = {} = "f" = "hair1"


...but it sets the intitial skin IF it hasn´t been already set which I thought I had done in the previous room.

I presume that the customSkin object from the previous room has to be stored somewhere. I believe it had to be stored in _os_skin somehow and passed to skinVar so when arriving in a new room, the initial skin wouldn´t be set and the customized skin would remain.

If this is the case, I don´t really know how I would script for the customSkin object to be stored in what I believe are user variables, much less how to use the _os_skin

Please Help! Clues??

I´m breaking my head with this.
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Postby » 13 Dec 2010, 22:37

Okay I figured it out

Its pretty simple, I feel very silly now.

You just have to send the newSkin object directly to


Thanks anyway

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