Problem when map loads...

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Problem when map loads...

Postby » 11 Sep 2010, 02:28

Okay so my maps are 740*480 and the Openspace output box is the same size. My game has several maps, all of them the same 740*480.

The problem is ...that when some maps load, they load and appear to be "moved" out of position, like in the following image, the avatar has to actually walk in the opposite direction for the map to scroll and position itself in the right place...


How can I avoid this and the scrolling...

I would like for the maps to load exactly like they should, filling up the Openspace output box...

Is the solution to deactivating this scroll in the .fla code?

This code was based on the Ranch Example by the way.

I need help please.

Everything up to the map around that tree is non walkable.

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Postby Bax » 13 Sep 2010, 08:25

In OpenSpace v1, to solve this issue you must have a background with the same size of the whole grid.
In OpenSpace v2, instead, there's a new feature allowing you to set virtual map borders which prevent the scrolling to occur.
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