issue when I upload different Avatars

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issue when I upload different Avatars

Postby fats2005 » 11 May 2010, 21:33

Hi guys,
Now, I have lot avatars (around 10), and for this reason, I can’t put all avatars in a swf (weight around 6mb), then I put every avatar in different swf files, and in the main swf I connect to a database and use avatarsLoader to load the correct avatar there:

avatarsLoader.load(new URLRequest("../libraries/avatars/Avatar"+iavatar+".swf"));,

The database has a table with a username, and which user has assigned a different avatar.

The problem is that if a user has assigned the avatar1.swf, and other user has assigned iavatar2.swf, the last user who enters the game can’t see anything because the openspace doesn’t load the avatar and skins. But if the users have the same avatar, they can see all normally.

Is clear my problem?
Is these happened because OS is a trial version?

Thanks for your answer

And sorry for my bad English
Best regards
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Postby Bax » 12 May 2010, 06:58

The problem is not in the trial, but in the way you handle avatars. In fact you can't keep them in separate swf files, because OpenSpace needs to "know" all the possible avatar implementations in order to be able to render the avatars of all the users. If you load 1 avatar only, corresponding to the current user, OpenSpace will be able to render that avatar only.
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