A question about next version

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A question about next version

Postby rut1630 » 19 Nov 2009, 13:03

We finally bought your engine and started our project.
After reading all talkbacks about the next version of engine, I still have few

1) As far as we've bought the product (last version) some 2 weeks ago,
and you're planing to release the new version on the end of that
month- could we then upgrate it ?
Can you notice us about the release ?

our order no. is 1171

2) Will it be posible to make 'Robot' on next map- an avatar that is controlled programmatic (by code) ?

3) will it be possible to make take controll over some other user's avatar
(something like remote agent) ?

Thanks ahead,
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Postby Bax » 19 Nov 2009, 17:15

1) Yes, the next release will be provided for free to existing OpenSpace customers. You will just have to use the download link you received.

2) Not immediately, but this will be possible later, in a minor update following the major 2.0 release.

3) No.
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Postby rut1630 » 22 Nov 2009, 17:19

thanks alot

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