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Postby TiagoR » 26 Oct 2010, 12:10

I'm having a problem with sendPrivateMessage, the problem occurs when the sender and the receiver havent been on same room, if they are on different rooms, and never meet on screen, the onPrivateMessage listener comes with a missing param the sender!
When I try to get the sender

Code: Select all

private function onPrivateMessage( evt:SFSEvent ):void {
    var sender:User = evt.params.sender;

It returns as a null object.

Is this normal behavior? Why have the option to send private messages between rooms if we dont know who sent them?

This is to have private messages between buddies (from buddylist).

Well, I just traced the event Object into a String and found out that there's a 4th parameter that isnt described in your documentation at ... Event.html , the userID with this I can go to the buddylist and get its user..

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