SFS license query

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SFS license query

Postby Satyarth » 30 Sep 2010, 00:15

Is there any way to run multiple SFS based game server instances in the cloud and still use SFS's single license ?
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Postby cemuzunlar » 30 Sep 2010, 01:50

It is not possible.

You need a license for every IP (server) running a SFS instance.

There is a license server tool for this situations:

It lacks only one feature:

The license request with a license type instead of license id.

This is required for situation like building a cloud based system which can scale up/down when needed by launching new servers in the cloud when needed.

In a system like this, it is not possible to configure the newly launched server to use a specific license id. It must request a license from the server by sending the license type it wants and then license server will pick one of the available from a pool of that license type and hand it to the newly launched sfs intance.
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