Cant connect to smartfoxserver online

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Cant connect to smartfoxserver online

Postby tomeromero » 11 Jul 2010, 21:25

Hi..I am new here and i have a small problem with SmartFox Server :? :?

Well i have the SmartFoxServer PRO 1.6.6 that run on my machine without any problem.I know that because this...
23:54:38.364 - [ INFO ] > [RedBox] Internal event received: serverReady
23:54:38.379 - [ INFO ] > [RedBox] Internal event received: serverReady
23:54:38.389 - [ INFO ] > [RedBox] Internal event received: serverReady

:D :D

When i test my demo game on my machine it runs good.I can connect and play without any problem.
But when i tried to play the game from another PC in my house connected to linksys i can't.

I am connected to internet with a linksys WRT54GSV4 in my house.
I can connect to Linksys BASIC SETUP with

Below is a photo with the Network Cards


I tried that steps but i am not sure if i am doing this correct

1- Install SmartFoxServer (Lite/Basic/PRO) on one of the machines inside the LAN

I did it!

2- Set the IP address of the server in the config.xml to the LAN IP of the machine

i put and port 9339


3- Now it's time to configure your router. Outside of your LAN nobody knows the addresses of your computers in the network as they use local addresses. In other words, from outside, the only available "entry point" is your router which is assigned an IP address.

You should configure the NAT service (Network Address Translator) of your router so that all requests on port 9339 (SFS default port) are redirected the computer running SmartFoxServer

I am not sure about that..


What to do :?
Disable it?
Where to put tick and where not?

4- Finally you should point your SWF to the public web address of your router. If you're unsure about what this IP address is, you can use this website -->

I dont understand what to do here.What is the SWF? The AdminTool.swf?
If yes i can connect with username sfs_admin and sfs_pass

Also my ip is
Please explain me

5- Don't forget the crossdomain policy file: make sure you turn on the <AutoSendPolicyFile> function of the server (Basic/PRO only)

I am sure that is turned on

Also i can connect to the exambles from my PC that have the smartfox server.
From the other pc i didnt try.
Also i can connect and play my game on my machine but not in the other PC's in my home.

I read that i have to forward in my rooter to access my game outside my house...So



I think its not a big problem.
Just expalin me what to do.

:D :D :D

UPDATE..!!!!!! :D

I put in terminal (like cmd)
telent 9339

and it show me that the port is open and a message..

Thomas-Moudouross-MacBook-Pro:~ Thomas$ telnet 9339
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
<cross-domain-policy><allow-access-from domain='*' to-ports='9339' /></cross-domain-policy>Connection closed by foreign host.

what is this
<cross-domain-policy><allow-access-from domain='*' to-ports='9339' /></cross-domain-policy>Connection closed by foreign host.

With the Network Utility a powerful app that comes with the Mac it shows me that the port is open..
i changed the settings a bit to get the port open so the picture that shows the firewall and the wan is completely false...

LoL sometime i will get it right. :D :D
tomorrow i will check to see if i can connect lan.


I can connect and play from any PC connected to my wireless without lag and full graphics.

But now i want to make it worldwide...
What i have to change for that?

Thank you!
:D :D :D :P :P
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Postby wei17091 » 24 Sep 2010, 08:22

hi, i am new here and i oso had a problem in accessing smartfox server in LAN network and i am oso interested in how u implement it in wireless. can u pls provide me with the detail step how tis is done...

thanks and regards
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Postby mrnothersan » 24 Sep 2010, 19:16


If you are still stuck with this, PM me and I will help you.
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THis question

Postby Scribbles » 21 Jul 2011, 16:35

I had the same question is this going to be answered....

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Postby BigFIsh » 21 Jul 2011, 22:07

See this new posting: Maybe that'll help.
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