Monitoring games' action

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Monitoring games' action

Postby eyal » 20 Jan 2010, 10:19

I have to build a system which monitoring the game's actions and results as well as start game and game over.
Also, I have to monitor whether an action is legal for the game or not.
How it can be done?
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Postby Lapo » 20 Jan 2010, 16:13

These are two different things.
For both it is required to use a server side extension.
Your game (client) will send requests to the Extension where you can apply all the validation that is required and then update the other clients accordingly.

As regards monitoring the game state and collecting stats etc... you could do the monitoring in the same game extension, maybe using a database to log the relevant information.

A second extension could be written to access these logs, process them and send them to a client.
Another convenient way to implement this is to use the embedded Jetty server to create an HTTP admin tool. Jetty runs in the same JVM as SmartFox and can access both database data and runtime data, so it's quite easy to create a private monitoring tool.
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