Why I can't connect to sever from public address?

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Why I can't connect to sever from public address?

Postby daqulazhang » 17 Dec 2009, 17:02

I setup one sfs sever on one windows 2003 which resides on one router, the router is connected to the public network.
I used unity3d to develop one trial game, I can connect to sfs server in same LAN in the router using SmartFoxClient.Connect. But I can't do it using public IP address of the router. I have done mapping the router public address to the windows 2003 machine. I can play my anther unity game using public address which is only made by unity web streamming. So I guess it's just about how to break through the router to let the sfs request come in? Is there other possible reason why I can not connect to sfs server by a public ip address but ok using one inside same LAN address?
Pls help me out on this, thanks in advance.

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