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Posted: 22 Jul 2009, 14:21
by wallis2xk

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009/07/22 10:31:09.220 - [ WARNING ] [id: 19] (SmartFoxServer.readIncomingMessages): Unexpected / Malformed input: java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException: Input length = 1

2009/07/22 10:47:30.849 - [ WARNING ] [id: 19] (SmartFoxServer.readIncomingMessages): Message exceed allowed max length! (0 bytes) from > /

Hi there, these occasional errors is cropping up in our game (every few hundred games), and one/both might be triggering a small general increase in the CPU being used. Is it possible to debug this further, or it there a way to prevent it or find out what character/messages are being sent? (I've increased the size of the message allowed, but it should be way over what I'm sending)


Posted: 23 Jul 2009, 12:33
by Lapo
Hi Richard,
this warning simply indicates that some client is not speaking the SFS protocol correctly. Any client can attempt to talk to SFS, but if they send nonsense data that error will signal it.

We could probably add some extra settings to specify how many bad messages can be tolerated before the client is disconnected. It could actually save some resources. I will add it to the TODO list.