Room variables

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Room variables

Postby rjgtav » 25 Jun 2009, 07:42

Hi there. Is possible to create sub-rooms in a room in server side or as 2.0?

The Hall - 1
The Hall - 2
The Hall - 3

where The Hall is the main room and the numbers are the sub-rooms.
What i want to do is when The Hall - 1 is full, the game automactly send the users that are joining the game to The Hall - 2 and i want to do that users can always join the other sub-rooms when the previous rooms aren't full.


The Hall - 1 is full, so the game automactly send all the new users to The Hall - 2.

The Hall - 1 isn't full and a player wants to go to The Hall - 3 to meet his friend. So the player types a command like /join The Hall-3 to go to The Hall - 3.

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