Movement with arrow keys or WASD

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Movement with arrow keys or WASD

Postby rjgtav » 11 Jun 2009, 17:10

Hi there. I am having problems with the avatar chat. I want to move the character with the arrow keys or with WASD but nothing works. If i test the original example with the mouse, it works. Please help me.

This is my as2 code:

Code: Select all

function walk(horizontal,vertical){
   avatarMC._x += horizontal;
   avatarMC._y += vertical;
   if (inited)
      if (!_global.isBusy)
         var px:Number = int(avatarMC._x)
         var py:Number = int(avatarMC._y)
         if ((px > avatarW/2) && (px < areaW - avatarW/2) && (py > avatarH/2) && (py < areaH - avatarH/2))
            // save new variables
            // Please note that init is set to false:
            // this means that we're only moving somewhere and we don't need to init tha avatar
            smartfox.setUserVariables({px:px, py:py, init:false})
            // method derived from the [flashAPI].as
            // moves the mc using the "Quint" equation, with "InOut" easying
            // to the new px,py position in 100 milliseconds.


myMouse.onMouseDown = function()

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