userVaribles event

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userVaribles event

Postby jms » 21 Jan 2009, 00:46

Is there an event such as onUserVariablesUpdateHandler the will fire off when the userVariables of my own avatar is changed.

I wanted the users variables to be updated at different times though out the game. And it would make it easier if there was an event I could listen to when this happens.

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Postby mistermind » 21 Jan 2009, 05:23

Humm I'm not sure if I understand your question. Do you mean you can't see your own variables updated from the onVariablesUpdate event? To be honest I never tried (or noticed) that, but I can see its functionalities. I believe there are ways to do that, since things like room chat (sendPublicMessage) are picked from all users, including the sender.
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Postby jms » 21 Jan 2009, 15:17

What I have going on is in the java extensions I'm tied into a database and though out the cycle of the game there is some logic that changes the user based on time and I wanted to push that to my users variables when this happens.

So I was wondering if in the event onUserVariablesUpdateHandler or one like it I could listen when this happens. Just trying to save some over head and not constantly trying to pipe everything through the onExtensionResponse event.

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