SFS Basic 1.1.0 available!

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SFS Basic 1.1.0 available!

Postby Lapo » 26 Apr 2005, 08:11

the new SmartFoxServer Basic 1.1.0 is available. The upgrade features a couple of bug fixes and introduces some new features for better remote management and security.

Also the licence max connections limit was changed.
For example the =Demo= licence allowed 20 max connections, which means that all established connections were counted.
From version 1.1.0, and all future releases, only logged in users will be counted, allowing better usage of the licence.

Here follows the release notes:

Code: Select all

Version 1.1.0 changes:

» New Zone Manager in the AdminTool:
- allows to inspect the zone settings
- activate / deactivate zone on the fly without the need of restarting the server
- reload zones definition from config.xml: activates new zones and apply changes to the old ones without restarting the server

» New IP Filter: limits the number of users than can log in the server from the same IP address. Deafult = 10, set it to zero to disable the filter.

» Licence limits based on real users not connections: the user limit for a licence was based on socket connections in version 1.0.0
From 1.1.0 the limit is based on real users. (avoids that idle connections waste user slots)

» uCountUpdate parameter added to the <Room> definition. You can now specify if you want to receive "uCount" updates for each room.
You can also set the attribute programmatically using the client API. Check the createRoom() method documentation and section 2.1

» Enhanced "Connection Cleaner": it destroys not only idle users but also idle socket connections.

» Fixed a bug in the removal of Room Variables from multiple rooms

» Fixed a bug in the ban manager

You can download it from HERE
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