Someone keeps stealing my letters...

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Someone keeps stealing my letters...

Postby juunk » 25 Apr 2005, 18:11

Just downloaded SFS Lite and got it running on my Panther machine without a hitch. :D :!:
After browsing the documentation and tutorials [both are great, BTW], I have a question.

Can SFS Lite or Basic be used to make something like this [uses AdobeMedia's FlashComm]: Someone keeps stealing my letters...

It seems so [some simple mods to AvatarChat?], but before I bid on my project, I'd like to know for sure.


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Postby Lapo » 25 Apr 2005, 18:31

Hi juunk,
I am glad to know that SFS is working fine on Mac OS X!

About your project, my answer is yes, you could definately create a similar thingy with SFS Lite or Basic. It's pretty easy.
The concept is very similar to our "Avatar Chat" example provided with SFS, only you can move all items on screen, not just yours.

By using room variables you would be able to do the same thing without having to write code on the server side.

Hope it helps :)
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