AS3: Multiple SmartFoxClient instances?

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AS3: Multiple SmartFoxClient instances?

Postby fsol » 06 Nov 2008, 09:31

SFS Pro 1.6.2


I'm testing my SFS app by having a single SWF create multiple instances of the SmartFoxClient, allowing it to make multiple connections to the server. This is to test server-side functionality of adding multiple users to the system without having lots of windows open.

I'm getting some weird errors here, so my question is: does doing this break any fundamental design practices of using the SmartFoxClient (eg. it uses singletons, static vars etc)? If so, I won't bother trying to solve the problems. If not, I'll have lots more questions to ask!

Any help would be much appreciated...
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Postby Menser » 06 Nov 2008, 09:54


Im not 100% sure, but im fairly certain that this is no way breaks any of the "fundamental" design practices of the smartfox client api.

As a matter of fact i think i have seen a couple posts before where in certain situations it was recommended and needed for two instances of smartfox client api to be used in a single project. (Login 1 log into one zone and gets information about additional zones on the server, and Login 2 connectes to the selected game)

I however could be wrong, ive been away from awhile so my sfs knowledge is a bit rusty.

hope that helps
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Postby Lapo » 09 Nov 2008, 14:48

Hi fsol,
it's perfectly legal to use multiple SmartFoxClient instances in the same SWF if you need it.
What kind of errors do you get?
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