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Postby Lapo » 15 Jun 2005, 20:16

Using a router is always a bit complicated. Unfortunately there's no easy solution for this, and it doesn't depend on SmartFoxServer. All network applications running behind a router have this same problme

In the XML config you must put your server address, the one assigned to the network card. So if it is just use that one.

In your SWF you must connect to the web address of the ROUTER. In other words the IP address assigned by your internet provider.

How does SFS receive data from the router? You have to configure it so that all packets sent to the SFS port (9339) are redirected to the machine running SmartFoxServer in your local network.

To configure your router I suggest to look for the provided instruction manual

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Postby piru » 16 Jun 2005, 04:43

Well, thanks, I'll try to find out and post the solution for dose who have the same problem, thanks again LAPO.

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