Advise on how to retrieve total population of each SmartFox.

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Advise on how to retrieve total population of each SmartFox.

Postby azreal » 12 Sep 2008, 14:50

Dear friends,

I'm new to client server technologies but i'm hoping to learn something and currently using SmartFox for some projects and would be glad to have some advise.

Currently all the examples features connection to the server before anything else because there is only 1 server. However assuming i am working on a user log in for a MMO, how can i do a component whereby after i log in, i can allow the user to view all the server traffic so he can choose the prefered server just like how usual MMO does?

I'm thinking at this point if the user is able to verified himself, how do i implement a component that can retrieve the population of each server to be reflected.

I'll be glad to have any expert provide some advise on this. Thanks!!
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Postby Menser » 12 Sep 2008, 15:08


The way most places would do it would be to have each server track the number of unique account logins on a particular server over X period of time. Then using that data determine its "population level" based off what they consider "high", "medium" "low" etc.

The other way to do it is to query a particular servers DB for the total number of "accounts" that have been active in the past X amount of time and once again use that data to determine you "population level".

Hope that helps
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Postby thecreatrix » 12 Sep 2008, 17:18

What I did is create a "gateway" extension that logs the user in, gets server populations from the game servers, then sends that list back to the client. On the client, it disconnects from the gateway and then logs in to one of the servers from the list.

Edit: Hrmm, that didn't really answer the question being asked, did it? Well, maybe it'll help anyway! :)
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Postby azreal » 13 Sep 2008, 03:06

Thanks a lot for the architecture guide guys. I'm really appreciative of that. If there are any links to guide on such implementations, please share with me, i'll learn from there.

I'm just not sure which topic i should be searching for. My experience is all on client development, so i'm really new to web and server stuffs. :cry:

But its cool, everbody has to start somewhere. thanks!

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