_global, No such thing

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_global, No such thing

Postby skojdk » 05 Sep 2008, 13:32

I've been coding as2 for a while now but I think it's time to migrate to AS3.
So here I am reading the API and trying to understand how to get everything working with SFS.
But in the SFS documentation almost every tutorial refers to _global.something . But _global does not exist in AS3. Are the tutorials old or have I missed something?
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Postby Menser » 06 Sep 2008, 03:20


Yes mot of the tutorials were written for AS2, however there should also be some AS3 examples included in the download. You'll have to look through those since for some direction since i dont think any of the actual documentation covers any AS3 examples yet.

Hope that helps a little-

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Postby endi » 06 Sep 2008, 17:04

I'm in the same boat. The few AS3 examples are in Flex, but I'm not interested in using Flex for now. So I'm going through the AS2 tutorials and rewriting them my own way in AS3. The logic is not so very different. Just can't copy/paste that much.
- endi
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Postby Menser » 06 Sep 2008, 18:10


while the AS3 examples are in flex, the code itself still demonstrates how to use AS3 to connect and interact with the server, so they are definatley worth taking a look at.

[edit] after looking at the as3 examples folder, i did notice there was also 1 Flash as3 example, called template_AS3.

Hope that helps some

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