A Quick Licensing Question

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A Quick Licensing Question

Postby DiablodeMorte » 02 Mar 2006, 13:21

I have a Licensing question. From what I can determine, a license is bound to an ip. IS it also bound to a port? Because, In the future it might be beneficial for me to have several SFS running on the same IP but different ports. And, with the current system, as much of it as I can guess, would it apply the same licensing to each of the server running under the one ip. In other words. Could I run multiple SFS servers off the same license?
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Postby Lapo » 02 Mar 2006, 14:32

Could I run multiple SFS servers off the same license?

Yes, you can.
Let me explain this a little bit better. Each SmartFoxServer licence is bound to a single IP address. This means, in other words, that a licence is valid for 1 server machine.

If you need to change IP address (because you move the server or so) you can request a new one. There are no additional costs.

Licences can be upgraded by paying the differences between the new one and the one you already purchased. Upgrades are free, until a new major release (which is not planned as of now)

Let me know if you have any other questions :)
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