Leachers using game by <embed src=

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Leachers using game by <embed src=

Postby interbuy » 09 Apr 2008, 00:19

Hello we have a new installation of Smartfox server Pro and where surprised even with a crossdomain.xml file in the root directory where our game is, they can run the game from their website and connect to the smartfox server on located on http://www.yourdomain.com evemn though they are not allowed in the crossdomain.xml

This way they can steal the bandwidth and put their own ads beside game etc. on their website.

Is there no way to stop others from loading the game this way on external domain names if they use the <embed src=?

I see some talk of placed a statement in the .swf file, before the connect statement, as follows:

Please give us a detailed how to as who could release a game live withthis kind of security hole?

Thanks for you help.
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Postby delany » 09 Apr 2008, 01:16

That's not really anything to do with smartfox server, is it. That's the way the internet - and in this particular case, Flash - works. Many see it as one of the good things about the internet. It's how YouTube become a phenomenon. Welcome to Web 2.0. Hint: you need to embed your advertising in your swfs.

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