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How much Max. connections ????

Posted: 11 Mar 2008, 05:48
by anwar.khan
Hello it's my first topic to that forum any buddy please tell me. how much connections i have with Unlimited user license ???? in thousand or million or billion please tell me the number of Unlimited connection please reply ASAP.

Posted: 11 Mar 2008, 07:45
by Bax
"Unlimited" depends on the hardware SmartFoxServer is installed on (the more CPUs and memory, the better it is), and on the tasks it must accomplish to (simple chat? turn-based game with light server-side processing? Realtime game with heavy server-side logic? etc.).
Check the following white papers for more info:

Posted: 11 Mar 2008, 09:31
by Lapo
million or billion

Millions and billions of concurrent connections are not of this galaxy :)
The concept of concurrent connections is very different from the typical website visit statistics.
Even the larger websites that have millions of visits per hour hardly reach 50-100k concurrent connections.
The same happens for the most popular MMOs out there. If you do a little research on the web you will see it by yourself.

audio and video chat

Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 08:08
by anwar.khan
Thanks a lot bax and Lapo your answers is very use full to me. Could I do audio and video chat too with SmartFox?? Or if I compare it with ES4 …….. than what is the flexibility or functional etc. how is SmartFox better then ES4 ?? waiting for your response ……..:)

Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 08:24
by Bax
With the release of the free RedBox add-on, you can now do audio/video chat in SmartFoxServer too. So, under the point of view of their features, SmartFoxServer and its competitor are now comparable. We suggest you to evaluate the costs, the quantity and quality of documentation and the responsiveness (and cost) of the respective support boards.
Our product comes with detailed documentation (over 80 docs it total) that describes all the functionalities of the server, both on client and server side.
We also provide documents about server architecture, suggestions for better security and performance and a lot more. Also, there are 35 real application examples covering a wide area of topics, each one coming with detailed documentation and source code.
Plus we offer free support via this forum, with an high level of responsiveness.

Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 12:13
by anwar.khan
Again thanks . I have one more quire I want to perches SmartFoxServer Pro - Unlimited users for that I have best machine too. Actually I want to build up a turn base or multilayer game like (Car race) with the A/V chat. So in that case can I manage that traffic on my one sever machine easily ?? I can’t use more thane one server machine. For example I have 300,000 gamer online each with A/V chat ! with smartFox we do that ??

Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 12:31
by potmo
you will have to build you application and benchmark it and see how many users you can have online. If it gets below what you expected then you'll have to cluster the servers and that is a bit of work.
Its impossible to say how many users you application can handle. Its like saying how many applications can you run on Windows at the same time. I guess unlimited but if you run a million photoshops it will not run that fast.

Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 13:16
by anwar.khan
I agreed potmo that “Its impossible to say how many users……” But incase we archive the target then ?? or if we cant archive are target or it’s below then our target it’s not an issue. We will soon launch our beta version too but we are confuse is that smartfoxserver is fulfill our requirements ?? plz. Gave your sustentions too. I would like to say thanks potmo for reply

Posted: 12 Mar 2008, 13:39
by Lapo
For example I have 300,000 gamer online each with A/V chat ! with smartFox we do that ??

I wish you the best luck possible with your application but 300k concurrent users is an unreal number. Don't confuse real-simultaneous-users with websites stats like visits, page views etc... they are different orders of magnitude.

Just to give you an idea a single A/V chat can take 256Kbit of bandwidth (or more)
For 300.000 users you would need --> 76.8 Gb/s of bandwidth :shock:

It's very good to think big but it's also necessary to start small ( 1 server, a decent amount of bandwidth) and scale as the traffic goes up.

Good luck

Re: How can i check currentUser in room?

Posted: 24 Aug 2016, 10:46
by AY ViCky
There is any way to check how many current users in a room???

Re: How can i check currentUser in room?

Posted: 24 Aug 2016, 13:17
by Lapo
AY ViCky wrote:There is any way to check how many current users in a room???

This is an 8 year old thread.
If you have a client connected to the server you can obtain the list of Rooms in your Zone with all the details for each Room, including the amount of players, spectators etc...

Is this that you're asking?