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Need help!

Postby xxxxxxss » 01 Mar 2008, 22:35

How Do I get the buddy list in actionscript 3:

Heres the code I thought would work.

function update(evt:SFSEvent):void{
var roomList_lb:Array=new Array();
var roomList:String=evt.params.getUserList();
for (var i:String in roomList)
var room = roomList[i]
roomList_lb.addItem(room.getName() + " (" + room.getUserCount() + ")", room.getId())
roomList_lb.sortItemsBy("label", "ASC")

Also can you convert your example files like simple chat avanced chat.. into actionscript 3 That way If it was converted and you added how you get the userlist in the docs file I wouldnt be asking any of these questions.

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Postby xxxxxxss » 01 Mar 2008, 23:57

After playing around with it for 2 days I got it yay xD ^^ woot =D =P ^^ xD =) :)
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Postby Lapo » 03 Mar 2008, 07:30

The AS3 SimpleChat example is a conversion of the AdvancedChat. It has the same features :wink:
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