createRoom Problem

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createRoom Problem

Postby rsnail » 23 Nov 2005, 20:15


I ran into a problem with createRoom. Basically the user is not automatically joining if the isGame = false.


The following code works. The room is created and the user automatically joins the room.

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room = new Object(); = "RoomName";
room.isGame = true;
room.maxUsers = 10;

The Following code does not work. The room is created but the user remains in their current room.

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room = new Object(); = "RoomName";
room.isGame = false;
room.maxUsers = 10;


room = new Object(); = "RoomName";
room.maxUsers = 10;

I have also tried setting the exitCurrentRoom to both true or false


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Postby Lapo » 23 Nov 2005, 20:43

the behaviour you're getting is okay. Maybe it's not explained too clearly in the client API docs... but it is shown clearly in the example tutorials.

When a "normal" room is created (where the isGame flag is false) the room is not automatically joined. You can do it by "trapping" the onRoomAdded() and join such room as soon as it is availble.

On the other hand when a game room is created, its creator is immediately joined inside of it as we presume he wants to be inside in order to play.

These client side behaviours are currently being expanded on the server side. We're adding new extensions methods to create rooms and join users from the server side allowing all types of advanced behaviours such as custom challenge systems, hidden rooms, advanced join systems, reserved rooms etc...

All these new feature will be available in version 1.4.0

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Postby x.Mara.x » 18 Dec 2008, 20:05

For me it works and the room is created.. BUUTTT as i read in some descriptions, it gets destroyed once the owner leaves the server i dont want that! how do i do it?

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