Can't connect from outside my LAN

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Can't connect from outside my LAN

Postby Eirik81 » 23 Mar 2007, 11:49


I'm running SmartFoxServer Pro on Windows XP. I'm connected to internet via a adsl modem/router and a switch. I have forwarded port 9339 and port 8080 (for the web server) to the computer where SmartFoxServer is running.

I have placed my swf file in the web root directory and made it load from the index.html file. I am using my external ip ( in the swf file. When connecting from a computer outside my LAN using this address: the webserver works fine, but I get can't connect on the SimpleConnect example. I know that port 9339 is open because I've checked it with "Shields UP" (

Everything works fine when I change my external ip to my internal ip ( in the swf file and run it locally.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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