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Parrrot Land Help

Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 22:09
by ParrotLand
I have a few questions, and the answers could, really help me in the future. How to I make a two player game, where two players could play with each other on different computers (Like the maze game from the smartfoxserver example files). Also if anyone could tell me how to make a make funiture for house tht if some placed, and then log off and came back it would still be there (Like funiture for igloos on club penguin). Thanks :D !

-Psp9x64 the Owner of Parrot Land

Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 02:44
by BigFIsh
Sorry, but that's something you will need to figure out for yourself.

SmartFoxServer have provided some excellent examples/tutorials that you can study for yourself. Once you get the basic of data exchange and database interaction, you'll be able to answer your own question and do more.