AS3 Room variables and problems with receiving messages

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AS3 Room variables and problems with receiving messages

Postby usacha » 13 Oct 2011, 12:38

As you're already understand I have a problem )

1 - User situated in lobby
2 - User joined to random room (a lots of room variables changed from server side)
3 - User set room variable
4 - User leave room
5 - User try to join random room again.

After step 5 I've got an Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

Here is a Send/receive log of SFClient.
[trace] [Sending]: <msg t='xt'><body action='xtReq' r='5'><![CDATA[<dataObj><var n='cmd' t='s'>joinRandomRoom</var><obj t='o' o='param'><var n='MN_gameset_id' t='s'>0</var></obj><var n='name' t='s'>MultiNetExtension</var></dataObj>]]></body></msg>
[trace] [ RECEIVED ]: <msg t='sys'><body action='rmList' r='0'><rmList><rm id='51' priv='0' temp='1' game='1' ucnt='0' scnt='0' maxu='10' maxs='0'><n><![CDATA[AutoPlayRoom [000037]]]></n></rm><rm id='5' priv='0' temp='0' game='0' ucnt='9' lmb='1' maxu='50' maxs='0'><n><![CDATA[Lobby]]></n></rm></rmList></body></msg>, (len: 295)
[trace] [ RECEIVED ]: ></uLs></body></msg>, (len: 20)
[trace] [ RECEIVED ]:^m58:1%51%, (len: 39)
[trace] [ RECEIVED ]: <msg t='sys'><body action='uVarsUpdate' r='51'><vars><var n='MN_user_status' t='n'><![CDATA[1]]></var></vars><user id='58' /></body></msg>, (len: 138)

As I understand message <msg t='sys'><body action='rmList' r='0'> comes to me divided ito 2 parts.

What's wrong with it?
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Postby BigFIsh » 16 Oct 2011, 00:25

- What is the version of your client API and your server?
- Are both of your client and server up to date? Issues can occur if they are not both up to date.
- Are you using sendGenericMessage? If so, make sure that the data you send is valid.
- It may help to enable DebugOutgoingMessages and DebugIncomingMessages in your config file. This allows you to log & view all raw outgoing/incoming data to/from the server.
- 'User situated in lobby'. How did you get the room definition for that lobby room after logging in if you requested for the room list after requesting to join a random room? Did you use sendGenericMessage?
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