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by Menser
14 Nov 2007, 01:29
Forum: Features Wish List
Topic: Some Ideas
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Some Ideas

Hello all- So Here is my wish list of features for Smart Fox. Zone Variables : Pretty self explanatory, they are the same as user variables. But for a zone. Actionscript imports : I would love to be able to import actionscript classes in the server side extensions. Loading & Saving of Rooms / Zo...
by Menser
13 Nov 2007, 18:52
Forum: Server Side Extension Development
Topic: Many a question on Extensions
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Many a question on Extensions

Hello- 1) So i was wondering if its possible for extensions to work with one another? For example, lets say i have two zone level extensions. In Zone Extension 1 i have a variable called Widgets that holds the total number of Widgets Produced. Now say in zone extension two, i have a function that is...

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