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by braza
06 Jan 2014, 19:48
Forum: SFS2X Questions
Topic: C# library on the server
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C# library on the server

I think of having model code on both server and client in order to make client more responsive (i.e. show preview of action consequences and cost) but server to be able to validate and actually process the request. There are solutions that wrap C# library into JAR... This will end up with 2 virtual ...
by braza
03 Jan 2014, 16:16
Forum: SFS2X Questions
Topic: Two seats for each player
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Re: Two seats for each player

Hi, I hope it`s not a thread highjacking, as my question feels the same. It is said that Game type rooms are good for turn based games as it automatically gives each player a unique ID. I`m going to implement a turn based tactiacal game. What if each player has a squad (let`s say 2 characters to mat...

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