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by earthquick
19 Jul 2012, 07:28
Forum: SFS2X C# API
Topic: API 1.0.2 update
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Re: API 1.0.2 update

have you checked the post "About u3d api connect"? the IsConnected always return true, even the client is disconnected by the server, therefore the client can't connect to the server again. We hope there will be some clue about this.

ps:not using bb.
by earthquick
19 Jul 2012, 07:19
Forum: SFS2X C# API
Topic: About u3d api connect
Replies: 6
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Re: About u3d api connect

I am having the same issue. we are not using bb, and it turns out the plugin got this re-connect problem, seens as long as u r disconnected by the server, you will have trouble to connect again ( because plugin always result true from IsConnected property, it wouldn't alow the Connect() work). is th...

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