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by Tryzub
09 Dec 2011, 19:33
Forum: SFS2X Questions
Topic: Plans to release SFS2X silverlight API?
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Plans to release SFS2X silverlight API?

I know you have one for SFS Pro. I was wondering if you have plans to release a silverlight API that works with SFS2X. Since Windows Phone 7 development consists of silverlight + XNA library/tools this limits me from making a cross mobile OS application in SFS2X. Is there plans in the works to suppo...
by Tryzub
13 Oct 2010, 20:26
Forum: Java2SE / Android Client API
Topic: Load testing with JMeter
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Load testing with JMeter

This question is for the people who are using JMeter to test your SmartFox applications. I have the java client written and working outside of JMeter. When packaging this for JMeter if I implement the ISFSEventListener, JMeter no longer displays the custom sampler (Java Request). Any information wou...

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