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by Drew
10 May 2009, 15:53
Forum: SmartFoxServer 1.x Discussions and Help
Topic: Attaching extensions to permanent game rooms in config.xml
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The first room extension I made I accidentally did what Farb did, and yes, it created a blank room. I too put the extension outside the <room> tags, which must have made sf think it was another room definition.
by Drew
08 May 2009, 19:41
Forum: SmartFoxServer 1.x Discussions and Help
Topic: Buddylists and Blocking - How to ignore separate?
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Sorry about the necromancy, but you did say you wanted feedback (and I don't see a newer thread), so here's some: Thanks for elaborating. I understand this, but due to the fact that human beings don't behave like computers it's unlikely that these guys will start ranting all the times. I think you m...
by Drew
06 May 2009, 22:19
Forum: The Gallery
Topic: xPad 1.0 [Open Beta] [edit]
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xPad 1.0 [Open Beta] [edit]

This is my first multi-user flash application, and my third flash project so far. My first two were just following tutorials to make some simple things. It took me about 4 days to put this together, mainly because I had to learn everything from scratch. xPad is a multi-user paint like others you mig...
by Drew
05 May 2009, 21:37
Forum: Server Side Extension Development
Topic: Using h2 date/time functions in AS extensions
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missing ; before statement [Fix]

when I save the extension, the server says Error in extension [ ]: missing ; before statement ( Internal:210 -- Line number: 209 in file and does not start the extension. when I comment out the part between the two //===================== the error mes...

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