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by gildas
24 Mar 2009, 07:53
Forum: .Net / Unity3D API
Topic: Problems with SmartFox in Unity and proxy
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Hi, I had also some issues behind my proxy with .NET Unity SFS client. But when I tried with the AS client (with the game "BattleFarm") it worked fine. So, I have compared data transfered over the network for both. For Battle Farm I had request such as: POST http://myproxyip/BlueBox/HttpBo...
by gildas
24 Mar 2009, 07:12
Forum: .Net / Unity3D API
Topic: Request for 1.2 features/changes
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First, thanks for the great job you do!

Among tasks you've listed : proxies support will be great (very useful in my case), and the support of iphone will be also something I will really appreciate!


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