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by 0jes
26 Jan 2009, 22:20
Forum: BlueBox
Topic: smartConnect not working on sfs 1.6
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i have the same problem but with as3
this is the error

cannot load data from
at it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver.http::LoaderFactory()
at it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver.http::HttpConnection()
at it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver::SmartFoxClient()
by 0jes
12 Jan 2009, 20:45
Forum: SmartFoxServer 1.x Discussions and Help
Topic: ERROR #2002 Socket problem
Replies: 4
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i have the same problem where is the onFoodTimerHandle in AS3 package? Error #2002: Se intentó una operación en un socket no válido. at at it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver::SmartFoxClient/::writeToSocket() at it.gotoandplay.smartfoxserver::SmartFoxClient/::send() at it...

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