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by DrPsyche
22 Jul 2019, 08:46
Forum: SFS2X Questions
Topic: Calling spring boot from extension
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Re: Calling spring boot from extension

rlaksana wrote: Hi, I found a temporary solution by using spring-jdbc for database connection and thus i don't need to use spring boot. Spring boot facilitate automatic spring dependency and configuration. I have been using their auto configuration for so long that currently are struggling to do my...
by DrPsyche
20 Jun 2019, 08:41
Forum: SFS2X Java / Android API
Topic: Question about group ids
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Re: Question about group ids

Lapo wrote: Room groups are never removed, because they are just "keys". They basically don't take real space. ]term paper for sale It is like the name of a road. If you build a few houses along that road you can then tell people how to get there by providing the address... Lapo Street .....
by DrPsyche
10 Jun 2019, 06:53
Forum: .Net / Unity3D API
Topic: sendxt not working help
Replies: 2
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Re: sendxt not working help

I am trying to send an extension message, which does not seem to be working :( I have verified that my connection to the smartfox server does indeed work, and I have tested the extension from director using Lingo, doing _server.sendXtMessage("extname", "func", obj, "str&quo...
by DrPsyche
22 Mar 2019, 09:15
Forum: SFS2X C# API
Topic: Not able to get Event/Custom Commands in Unity
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Re: Not able to get Event/Custom Commands in Unity

Hi lapo, Thanks for your reply. We are using force-logout-option (configure on zone), which is making old user instance disconnected (disconnection reason comes unknown on client side)but this trigger re-connection process from client and eventually another instance of same user gets message that Y...
by DrPsyche
28 Jan 2019, 07:12
Forum: SFS2X C# API
Topic: Exceptions on logout
Replies: 3
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Re: Exceptions on logout


Could it be the SecurityProtocol issue? Or perhaps the firewall blocking the port? Which is unlikely I guess. How to get rid of this issue?

by DrPsyche
09 Jan 2019, 12:31
Forum: SFS2X C# API
Topic: Animation Synchronization in Unity 2018
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Re: Animation Synchronization in Unity 2018

Hello! I really appreciate the help I got with my previous question over leaving rooms. I have since progressed farther in my project and am now working on allowing clients to see other players. This is where I'm facing my next issue... I am having troubles with figuring out how to synchronize the ...

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