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by fenderrex
17 Sep 2016, 19:57
Forum: SFS2X Java / Android API
Topic: JavaSE client source code
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Bax wrote:Please contact us by email: info AT smartfoxserver DOT com

The point of a blog is to help others with the same question, redirecting questions to private response is how you kill a community :lol: like this wasted a google link1 and two if your paying for visits this is a waste for everyone...
by fenderrex
14 Sep 2015, 20:09
Forum: SFS2X Questions
Topic: addRequestHandler init??
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addRequestHandler init??

iv looked in the docs and did not see anything about addRequestHandler init does addRequestHandler run any kind of init function? addRequestHandler("WS", WepSwich.class); and in the public class WepSwich extends BaseClientRequestHandler { private int varable =0; @Override pub...

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