Release notes

SmartFoxServer 2X

VERSION 2.15.0 (patch)

::::: Server Side :::::
[NEW] Revamped server engine's UDP pipeline to improve scalability for very high packet rates.
[NEW] Refactored UDP socket pipeline to improve raw packet throughput.
[NEW] Introduced a new DatagramChannel cache to reduce thread contention.
[NEW] Separate UDP and TCP queues with dedicated thread-pools for higher packet-per-second throughput.
[NEW] New configuration parameters added to config/core.xml to fine tune the UDP pipeline for very high traffic (e.g. >1M+ pps).

::::: Admin Tool :::::
[NEW] The new HTML5 AdminTool is out of beta phase. It is now the recommended AdminTool instead of the legacy, Flash-based tool.
[NEW] Thread-dump button in Dashboard allows to obtain a full thread-dump of the server.
[NEW] Dual TCP/UDP queue graph under Dashboard > Message Queue Status.
[NEW] Re-organized dropped-packets stats, now split into TCP and UDP counters.
[FIX] Disconnection issue in FireFox browsers when downloading a zipped log file via the Log Viewer module.

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